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This is a fun game to practice place value up to the millions place. Students create large numbers by rolling the die, then practice saying the numbers out loud, and finally have to determine who has the larger number. All students will need to play the game is a copy of the game sheet & directions, a ten-sided die, and pencils. My students BEG me to let them play this game all year long!!

This is a fun icebreaker activity for the first day of school. It gets kids up and moving and talking to each other. I usually give them a certain amount of time to get as many filled in as possible, and then we go around the room and everyone shares one thing they learned about someone else.

This is a cute little sign-up sheet I made for students who want to share at morning meeting. My rule is that they cannot sign up for more than one day a week. I laminated it and velcroed a dry erase pen next to it on the wall for the kids to use.