Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Unexpected Visit to the Doctor

Em & I had an unexpected day at home today--well, we actually spent a good chunk of the day waiting at the doctor's office because we think she might have a bladder infection. No antibiotics, yet. We have to wait for the culture to come back--should be by Friday. Poor baby!

Her appointment was at 11:10am and we were told to arrive early & go to the lab, so we got there at about 10:30am. The lab was quick, so then it was off to wait for the doctor. And wait. And wait. Thank goodness for the iPod! Em played games for a while to pass the time, while Brownie & Elfie kept her company. I happened to have the small camera in my purse, so I snapped a few pictures to pass the time.

It was pretty close to 12:00pm before the nurse took us back, and luckily it wasn't too long before the doctor came in. She was new to us, a bit brusque, but efficient, and before we knew it she was gone. Then we waited for the paperwork. And waited. And waited. She finally brought it to us and we left the doctor's office at about 12:50pm. Almost two and a half hours later!

By then we were starving, so I offered to stop at McD's to pick up some lunch. Of course, that idea was met with great delight, and as an extra treat, we went to the Red Box and picked up a movie for the afternoon. After that some homework was done (by Em), a little on-line shopping (thank you, Amazon--Project Life 2012 is on it's way to me!), some dinner started (by me), and "poof," the day is almost over.

I had hoped to get upstairs and spend some time in the studio today working on my December Daily album......maybe later tonight. Perhaps I can at least get some pictures of my base pages finally posted, but don't hold your breath!!