Tuesday, December 2, 2008

JYC Day 2

I have to be honest....winter is NOT my favorite season of the year. In fact, it's probably my LEAST favorite season. Here in the Northwest, winter usually means one gray, drizzly day after another. It can be so depressing. Thank goodness my FAVORITE holiday comes around this time to cheer me up!

While I may not particularly like winter, I do love snow! Probably because it happens so rarely here in Oregon (and it doesn't hurt that I get a day off when it snows--one of the perks of being a teacher, you know).

I love the way snow makes everything look so clean, so quiet and serene. I love how Emily's face lights up and she gets so excited--like last Christmas when it snowed (yes, we actually had a bit of snow fall on Christmas Day 2007)....

There was barely any snow on the ground and she insisted on putting on ALL her snow gear to go outside. And what do you think she did first? Plopped down in the grass to make a snow angel. Have you ever seen a green snow angel???

Immediately after that she asked us if we would come out and have a snowball fight. She was disappointed when we told her there wasn't enough snow for that, but contented herself with trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue until the flurry stopped.

It was so sweet seeing her innocent excitement, even with just a dusting of the white stuff. I totally get where she is coming from!