Thursday, October 23, 2008

And it Begins....

Well, here I am.....finally taking the plunge.........starting my own blog. I can't figure out what prompted me on this Thursday night in October to do such a thing. Perhaps it is because I had a such a wonderful day from beginning to end and realized I needed a way to capture these moments........

I got to sleep in just a bit this morning because Mel took Emily on her first Kindergarten field trip today. I didn't have any of my usual morning responsibilities of getting her up and ready for school. No arguments over what to have for breakfast. No long, sad goodbyes at daycare. I still got to school a few minutes late, but quite relaxed nonetheless.

My day teaching 29 fourth graders was surprisingly uneventful. The kids were good, we laughed, we worked....I think they actually learned stuff today! Then, because Mel had Emily, I got to go shopping after school with no nagging hurry to get home. I went to The Avenue (bought a new sweater for only $10 with my coupon--took a risk and picked the fuchsia one!) and Craft Warehouse (bought a new smaller scallop circle punch and some Basic Grey magnets for an upcoming project). Just little things--but they made me smile.

Then, to top off the night, when I got home Mel suggested we go to Em's favorite restaurant for dinner. So we hopped in the truck and made our way to Sweet Tomatoes. No dinner for me to cook and no dishes to clean up afterwards. Pure heaven!!

So after coming home, getting Emily ready for bed, cleaning up my mess in the studio (I decided I am NO LONGER calling it the craft room--hee hee!), checking my e-mail and various other favorite websites, I guess I decided now was the perfect time to start a blog.

Soon you will see here not only snippets of the love and laughter in my life, but also many of the projects that are products of the creativity of my inspired soul (hence, the name of this blog). But not tonight. For now I will just share with you a picture of the angel who inspires my soul every day. I hope you have someone who inspires you, too!


Leslie said...

What a cute munchkin you have! Congratulations on taking the "plunge" and welcome to the blogging world.

PeggyS said...

welcome to the blogging world. you are off to a great start!